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Ozone (O3) is a very effective disinfection agent and can be used in aquaculture / fish farming to replace chlorine and bromine containing disinfection chemicals. The advantages of using ozone compared to the other water treatment agents is the fact that the water environment will increase dramatically. The use of ozone prevents the formation of chlorine or bromine contained by product, like chloramines and trihalomethanes.

Additionally, the residual presence of these drugs in human food products has become controversial. Ozone is the ideal disinfectant for aquaculture to kill bacteria and viruses without leaving any residue.

  • Removal of fine and colloidal solids
  • Removal of dissolved organic compounds
  • Removal of Nitrite
  • Disinfects the water
  • Reduction of Waterborne Diseases
  • Faster Growth Rates
  • Reduction of Waterborne Diseases
  • It effectively removes Organics, Pesticides, Discoloration and Nitrates
  • Typically, unconsumed Ozone reverts to Oxygen, leaving no harmful residuals behind
  • Ozone oxidizes long chain molecules, which are unaffected by Bio-filtration
  • Ozone involves far lower risk of accidental pollution in comparison to other water treatment methods
  • Ozone improves the effectiveness of biological and particulate filtration

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