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Ozone has been proven a valuable tool as a biocide for the treatment of industrial and utility cooling water systems. When properly applied, an improvement in operational efficiency due to increased heat transfer can be expected. Additional benefits include improved environmental impact by reduced chemical blow-down and an overall reduction in on-going chemical costs. Reduced system corrosion when attributed to chemical biocides is also possible. Ozone Solutions’ industry leading technology offers an impressive ROI along with providing the most reliable and green process.

  • 3,125 times more germicidal than chlorine
  • Eliminates the use of chemicals (except for pH balancing)
  • Ends discharge liabilities and chemical storage record keeping
  • Destroys all type of microorganisms instantly
  • Minimizes condenser fouling
  • Decomposes organic waste through oxidation
  • Removes existing calcium carbonate scale by destroying the biomass glue bonding agent
  • Low maintenance
  • The most environmentally friendly oxidant
  • No persistent chemicals or disinfectants in bleed – ozone breaks down to oxygen
  • Reduces the corrosion rate of metals, including copper heat exchangers
  • Saves on energy costs by increasing the heat transfer efficiency of the chiller
  • Decomposes organic waste by oxidation.
  • Removes existing calcium carbonate scale by destroying the biomass glue bonding agent.
  • Reducing makeup water to the cooling tower by permitting more cycles between blow downs.
  • Eliminating the cost and problems in ordering, shipping, handling, storage and disposal of regular chemicals.
  • Reducing power consumption by keeping the chiller heat transfer efficiency high through cleaner
  • Condenser tubes.

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