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Effluent water is a type of industry waste water which contains varying BOD and COD which represent organic contamination. This water is toxic and is harmful to the environment and to human beings who may come in contact with it. This water has to be treated in order to dispose of it environmentally safely. Worldwide many conventional treatment methods are used today employing different technologies for handling different problems in various industries. Ozone has found an effective place in the treatment process of this effluent water.

  • BOD and COD reduction
  • TSS and Turbidity reduction
  • Colour and Odour removal
  • Removes all microorganisms
  • Enhances flocculation / coagulation
  • Ozone removes colour and odour completely
  • Ozone disinfects the water thoroughly from microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, fungus, virus etc.
  • Ozone treatment drastically reduces BOD and COD
  • Removal of organic and inorganic matter
  • Enhancement of the flocculation / coagulation decantation process
  • Ozone is produced on-site and requires no storage of dangerous chemicals
  • Oxidation of metals & non metals such as iron, arsenic, manganese, hydrogen sulphide & all organic matter
  • No refilling, replacement or maintenance needed

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