In Laundry, Ozone gives several advantages over conventional laundry practices. Ozone washing increases fabric life, reduces natural gas, energy costs, faster fill rates, shorter wash cycles and even shorter drying times. Whiter, softer, sanitized, fresh smelling and longer lasting linens and clothes results in huge savings. Ozone allows users to achieve high quality standards without the use of hot water and chemicals. We have several models with different capacities to match your specific application.

  • Chemical Savings – Ozone replaces many of the current chemicals use
  • Water Savings – Less rinsing of laundry during the cycle saves water.
  • Electrical Savings – Less rinsing lowers rinse cycles reducing electrical costs
  • Natural Gas Savings – Cold water can be used when laundering with ozone, lowering the energy necessary to heat the water
  • Labor Savings – Lower chemical usage lowers the necessary rinse cycles, this in turn lowers necessary labor
  • Ozone will reduce all bacteria and viruses that may be on any linens, wiping cloths, or clothing
  • Reduction of cross contamination of illness has been documented in nursing homes and hospital facilities using ozone laundering.
  • Less rinse water used reduces the overall discharged water.
  • Less chemicals used in the laundering process means fewer chemicals discharged with the wastewater.
  • Lower COD levels are found in discharge water when using ozone.

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